Herbaceous Borders

Twist Easy Grow Through Peony cone
  • Get your plant supports in place now, before new growth becomes too advanced Give it support:- Tall perennials appreciate support frames to prevent them from blowing over when they reach full size. Place the Grow Through or Twist Easy support over clumps now. These hold stems upright, but will be hidden from view as the plants grow. Individual Stems of Delphiniums and other tall plants can be also supported using the taller twist easy or the loops available in various heights. Just push the support into the soil beside the plants and tie in if required.
  • If your garden is on a flat site, it is vital to create height with vertical features so the garden will not look boring. By adding a vertical element it helps to retain interest within the garden, and stops the eye wandering towards the next boundary. This can easily be achieved by installing Obelisks either singly or groups around the garden and growing your favourite plants up them:- Sweet Peas, clematis, morning glory etc. Their flowers will add vertical colour and interest, with choices to suit most colour schemes
  • Every year peonies proudly display their magnificent blooms only to ‘flop' unceremoniously with the first heavy rain. This can be prevented by providing proper support. The large blooms of the plant can oftentimes become too heavy for the stem alone to support them. While drooping blooms will not actually kill the plant, they will shorten the life span. Install either a twist Easy or Peony cone and this will resolve the problem.
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