Obelisk etc, Plant Support

  • Clematis 'bud' Obelisk

    Clematis 'bud' Obelisk

    Small Clematis ‘Bud’ Frame Steel Frame for displaying your patio or container clematis.    60cm high by 47cm wide (Shape like a Clematis bud) Designed by Sara Floyd of Floyds climbers and clematis. www.floydsclimbers.co.uk Manufactured by Plant Supports (UK) 

  • Obelisk 27cm x 176cm

    Obelisk 27cm x 176cm

    Great for Sweet Peas, Clematis, Runner Beans etc.  With an open top the plant can escape and float out. No assembly required, ready welded so you can put it straight in your garden. No nuts and bolts required. These are newly made, once outside they will continue their natural rusting process    

    Rustic (unpainted steel)Newly Made £52.01

  • Baby 'bud' Obelisk

    Baby 'bud' Obelisk

    The addition to our 'bud' range, our baby 'bud', Measures 35cm at widest point, 47.5cm high excluding legs of 20cm  

  • 'Bud' Topiary Frame

    'Bud' Topiary Frame

    Simply place over your Topiary plant and trim as required. Made from solid 6mm steel. All made in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. 46cm at widest point, 61cm high plus legs of 20cm. Based on a design of a Clematis bud, you can also train climbing plants around the frame.  

    Rustic (natural steel) £29.80

  • Obelisk 30cm x 156cm

    Obelisk 30cm x 156cm

    Clematis, Morning Glory, French Bean, Peas, Roses etc one piece unit, no  assembly required, ready to be put in your garden.  

    Rustic (unpainted steel) £30.86

  • Obelisk 43cm x 176cm

    Obelisk 43cm x 176cm

      Great for Clematis, Morning Glory, French Bean, Peas, Roses etc, these are supplied in one comple unit, no assembly required, ready to be placed into your garden.    

    Rustic (unpainted steel)newly made £46.39

  • Spiral Twist Stick set of 3

    Spiral Twist Stick set of 3

    Set of 3 - 6mm diameter Spiral Twist Sticks can either be used singly or jointed at the top to form wigwam style structures. Spiral Diameter 13cm, Height 130cm with a 5cm diameter loop on top to assist fixing. Ideal for Dwarf Climbing and rambling plants.

  • Tall 'Bud' Obelisk

    Tall 'Bud' Obelisk

    Great for any climbing plant and even fairy lights for the festive season. Height of bud 127cm plus legs of approx25cm, width at widest point at bottom 47cm