• Gripple Garden Trellis Kit

    Gripple Garden Trellis Kit

    Each starter kit contains: 4 x Gripple Tensioners, 4 x Vine Eyes (length 83mm, Overall eye diameter 10mm, Thread length 23mm)  & 30 m Nylon Trellis Wire, Join and tension in one. Supports up to 100 kg of load. No installation tools required, UV stabilised nylon trellis wire means no deterioration in sunlight, Nylon Gripple is reinforced with glass fibre, with no chance of rust, Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. You need to use one tensioner at the start, then thread the wire through vine eyes creating your own pattern until you get to the end and fit the second tensioner.  Ideal for climbing crops such as beans and tomatoes, cane fruits such as raspberriesand blackberries or ornamentals like wisteria, roses and clematis, the Gripple Garden Tensioner, partnered with durable nylon wire will last many years to come.  

    Gripple garden Starter kit £18.00