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Best Plant Supports 2015

01 Apr 2015

Awarded Best Plant Supports 2015

Absolutely delighted! Plant Supports UK have been awarded best Plant Girdle and Border restraint, Best Iron Plant Stakes and in the third category Best Loop and spiral with our Twist Easy by Which Gardening March 2015.

Most Stakes were put in place in a large garden in April, before the growing season got under way – though some were put in when longer stems had grown, as this is how they are recommended to be used. “Which” assessed them again in September when the plants had reached full size, to see how well they’d provided support.

The Plant Girdle from ourselves stood out from the selection because they blended in very well with the border, but looked attractive where they were visible. They come in Olive Drab or Rust colours and are sturdy and versatile. They supported a range of plants well – especially tall Verbena bonariensis.

The Iron Plant Stakes made a solid, attractive structure for their Ipomea Lobata to climb up and blended into the border.

The Twist Easy provided sturdy support for Japanese anemones and even very large perennial sunflowers. The khaki colour made them almost invisible in the border.

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