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  • Twist Easy

    Herbaceous Borders

    Get your plant supports in place now, before new growth becomes too advanced Give it support:- Tall perennials appreciate support frames to prevent them from blowing over wh...

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  • Kitchen Garden

    Kitchen Garden

    Cover Blossom of Apricots, Peaches, and nectarines with fleece to protect from frost. Sow tender crops such as sweet corn, basil and squashes either in pots or directl...

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  • Lazy Gardeners

    Lazy Gardeners

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a low maintenance garden which is more for leisure than graft.  If you're planning a carefree garden think about how you want the spa...

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  • Rookie Gardener

    Rookie Gardener

    For new gardeners sometimes a first good option is actually to go to a national DIY gardening chain where the plants and equipment is usually well priced and limited to what wor...

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  • Experienced Gardeners

    Experienced Gardeners

    There's not much we can teach you as many experienced gardeners will have developed their own solutions to gardening problems. Choose family run garden centres and nurseries...

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