Rookie Gardener

For new gardeners sometimes a first good option is actually to go to a national DIY gardening chain where the plants and equipment is usually well priced and limited to what works for most gardens and experience levels.  Plants usually come in smaller ranges of more commonplace and manageable varieties that are good to start with.  As national chains usually offer low prices, it proves less costly if you make mistakes and lose a few plants and flowers.

As your experience levels grow, then you can move onto independent, family run garden centres and nurseries with more knowledgeable staff that can advice on a more personalised level.  You will be able to describe more accurately your garden and soil conditions and get appropriate advice and suitable plants.

A few larger plants in pots make it easier to move them around the garden to work out which is the best spot for optimum care and growth.  Going for a mix of shrubs, planters, evergreens and bedding plants will encourage interest and colour for much of the year and building up a collection of good gardening books and websites will help you advance your knowledge.

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